Isabella Strahan Relationship Details With Greg Brooks Jr. Between Cancer Wars

That being said, Michael continued, “so sometimes I look back, and I think that in order to live the life that I was able to give them and give them, I had to give up a lot of things.”

Michael Jr. and Tanita eventually returned to the US and attended high school in Houston where their father was born, according to Peoplethen studied psychology and art, respectively, in college.

Tanita is “similar to me in the sense that she has a very strong personality, but a strong personality,” Michael said. A family from New York in 2012. “She’s not one to walk into a room and make it all about her. She’s definitely opinionated and she’s very smart and she knows what she wants, which is what I love about her.”

He called Michael Jr. “very smart” and “a very special boy.”

In the end, Michael said: “I have wonderful children, and it’s not people who look at my life and say, ‘Dad is this,’ but ‘Dad is that’.” My kids love to make their own way. They have their own personalities and do their own things. I’m glad to see that.”

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