Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying Now? (2024)


With this in mind, there are a few points that can be confirmed. The next download should still be a hybrid housing and a portable connector-report from VGC it shows that it is, and it’s a natural progression based on Nintendo’s recent changes. After the company sold more than 132 million portable devices, it’s unlikely to go back to a system that won’t leave your TV side.

Some reports indicate that the next console may have a larger screen, use an LCD panel (as opposed to OLED, available on the latest Switch), and probably have very powerful processors. But specs are specs. They can tell you a lot about how the console works or how you feel in person.

We don’t know if the new console will be backwards compatible with older games. Nintendo only occasionally supported the previous generation of games for its new games. Until we know the facts, it’s hard to say whether it’s worth waiting for a new condom. If it can’t play most of the games available on the Switch, then it’s not a question of waiting, but which games you want to play. Since the Switch has already taken the cake for the longest gap between previous Nintendo consoles, it’s a safe bet that software development tools are already in the hands of developers preparing games for the new console.

2025 Could Be The Year

It is unlikely that the next Nintendo console will arrive in 2024. Many places, including VGC, Euro gamesand Bloomberghave reported that Nintendo has delayed the successor to the Switch until the first quarter of 2025. Additional reports from Japan’s Nikkei (on VGC) confirmed this point, stating that the delay is intended to improve the processing of food to reduce scalping and equipment shortages.

We may still learn more about the Switch’s successor in the coming months. Previous reports suggested the idea that Nintendo originally wanted a holiday release of 2024. The first update was announced in October 2016 and released in March 2017, about five months. If Nintendo plans to launch its next console in the first quarter of 2025, we may receive an official announcement this fall.

Nintendo tends to use less powerful, more primitive hardware compared to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles – although they pull off some surprises – so it’s natural to be interested in the next version while the current one is looking too long in the tooth. However, the Switch will be Nintendo’s first console for another year. And even after that, it’s still a great console to play on What a game for a long time.


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