How to Watch the Total April Fool’s Eclipse, Online and in Person


It is the time of the shadow, baby! Soon, residents of North America will see their first solar eclipse in nearly a decade.

Even the last eclipse in North America it happened in 2017the result is not expected until August 2044, so seizing this moment is important. More than a strange shadow, a solar eclipse is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones outside and reflect on the smallness of humanity compared to the great universe.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

“That’s how the sun, the moon, and the earth move in that way the moon passes between the sun and the earthblocking the sunlight from reaching the earth,” he says Noah Peter, NASA’s Artemis III project scientist. If you are in a perfect path, then you will see the moon eclipse the sun. Off the beaten track? You may still see a partial eclipse, where the moon covers a small portion of the sun.

Although the moon is present, solar pollution should not be confused with a lunar eclipse. During this time, the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow and changes color to red. A lunar eclipse is visible in most parts of the world that are looking at the moon at that time.

When is the 2024 Solar Eclipse?

Passing over parts of North America, the total solar eclipse will disappear Monday, April 8. Depending on where you are on the total path, the solar eclipse will occur during the afternoon and will likely last about four minutes. For more information, see The NASA map shows the real time various US cities will experience the eclipse.

Where Will It Appear?

While a total solar eclipse occurs mostly indoors Mexico and the United States, a small part of eastern Canada is also in the way of the whole thing. To see what it might look like in different environments, check this out Excellent website by a retired mathematician which is based on a solar eclipse.

The three main cities in Mexico where you can see the total eclipse are Mazatlán, Durango, and Torreón.

There are many areas throughout the US where you can experience it all. A few locations include Dallas, Texas; Russellville, Arkansas; Carbondale, Illinois; Greenwood, Indiana; and Buffalo, New York.

Finding somewhere to avoid falling clouds is essential if you want to get the best viewing experience. “Especially in northern New England, it’s cold and cloudy,” says Peter. “Through Mexico and Central Texas, you can find places where the sky can be clear.”

I want to do that walk somewhere within the path complete? You can get creative during this time, as many hotels and campsites within the main route are booked for months in advance. You might consider finding a place to stay that is an hour or so off the highway and drive during the day to see the eclipse.

Should I Wear Eclipse Glasses?

The answer is yes.

“Looking at any level of the sun is really dangerous,” he says Matt Bothwell, an astronomer at the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy. So you should be getting eclipse glasses to see the moon’s path around the sun. And just wearing sunglasses won’t do the trick – you need eye protection that’s there ISO certified for solar viewing.


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