How to Turn Off Find My iPhone


So you’ve decided to leave the group with your iPhone. There are good reasons for closing Find My iPhonesuch as taking the device in for repair or selling it to a third party, then this option is for you.

You may also want to consider turning off Find My iPhone if you have other Apple products linked to your account at home and you’re trying to hide everything.

There are reasons to disable Find My iPhone and reasons not to. Read on to find out how, when, and why.

How to turn off Find My iPhone

My favorite way to change any setting on the iPhone is to click the search button from the Home screen and type in the desired setting. The only problem with this method is that it will require you to use Find My, the app you use to share your location with your friends. If you want to approach it from the Settings section, click on it first.

In the Settings app, tap your Apple ID profile picture, then tap Find My Way in the second block. At the top, you can click Find My iPhone and turn it on or off. Remember turn off Find My on your Mac if you are within the Apple ecosystem.

When you turn off Find My, you turn off location tracking on your device and Opening the Lock, which allows you to lock the device remotely if it is stolen or lost. You can turn this on and off as you like, but remember to turn it back on if you think it’s something you can rely on.

Time to disable Find My iPhone

apple it shows You disable Find My if you send your iPhone for service at a Genius Bar or elsewhere. It’s also a good idea to cancel and do a factory reset if you’re selling for a refund.


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