How to Stop Samsung Ads From Popping Up on Your Phone


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Samsung has made a rude habit of serving advertising for even its most loyal users. I have seen over the last few years and reviewed tools like Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S24 Ultra that the company has a tendency to come in with a reminder of new products that have come out the worst possible time-like between finding directions in Google Maps. Fortunately, Samsung has heard the pleas and, in several markets, provides instructions on how to remove the incoming content from your Galaxy device.

The easiest way to turn off these annoying ads from Samsung is to cut them off. This is how it is.

How to turn off the sales of your Samsung phone

Unfortunately, Samsung has been offering ads in the shadow of notifications since the beginning Galaxy 21 series. I have a picture of the ad posted somewhere in my photo library, but for now, I’ll link it This article from other stores for example of what those ads were and still are.

A screenshot of the software to open the interface

A snapshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you can turn off pop-up notifications by going to the Settings section. Click on Notifications, select the Pop-up Notifications feature, and click Brief presentation programs-this points to app notifications that take up a bit of space above the notification area. From here, walk down until you see it Buy Samsung app. Go ahead and turn it off.

Next, you’ll want to turn off the Samsung Push Service. Likewise Notifications group settings, click Program informationthen go down to where Samsung Push Service. Remove and enjoy the (relative) silence.

To that end, if some apps force you in the middle of the day to buy something or take action on an external link, you can say, “No.” Use the same method with other programs to block information at source.


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