How to Make ChatGPT Understand Your Persona, and Life


Have you ever heard that ChatGPT can’t find you? Maybe the answers miss your interests or work style. With the “Customize ChatGPT” feature, you can customize ChatGPT as a service provider so that the responses match your needs. This guide will help you understand what you do on ChatGPT, your hobbies, work, and lifestyle to fit your interests and needs.

Understanding the “Change ChatGPT” feature.

“Customize ChatGPT” is a powerful feature that can customize ChatGPT solutions according to your preferences, styles, and needs. This helps ChatGPT understand your personality and needs rather than providing unnecessary information and causing confusion. By providing personalized advice, users can tailor ChatGPT to better understand their personalities, interests, careers, and lifestyles, resulting in a variety of interactions.

Change the ChatGPT interface on the screen

How Can I Train ChatGPT to Respond to My Lifestyle?

You can customize your experience on ChatGPT by following these simple steps so that ChatGPT understands your personality and gets personalized answers to your questions –

Step 1 – Finding Parts

1. Go to ChatGPT site on the browser.

ChatGPT home screen

2. Click your username in the bottom left corner and click “Customize it ChatGPT.”

3. The dialog box will have two questions –

  • “What would you like ChatGPT to know about you in order to provide better feedback?” and
  • “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?”.

Enter this information correctly to customize ChatGPT according to your personality.

Change the ChatGPT interface on the screen

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Persona With ChatGPT

You must write the most relevant, meaningful, and detailed information about yourself and how you want ChatGPT to respond. This will show how ChatGPT can provide answers to your questions.

In the first box – “What would you like ChatGPT to know about you so that it can give you better answers?” – you can enter information like –

  • Your job or the job you have.
  • The responsibilities and challenges of the job.
  • Your level of knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Goals are the goals you want to achieve.

In the second box – “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?” – enter details like –

  • The tone of the answer you expect.
  • Level of detail.
  • References are examples of specific events.
  • Whether you want follow-up questions.
  • How you want the data to be displayed (tables, graphs, etc.).

Step 3 – Writing Custom Instructions

Now that you know what to look for when creating a character, here are a few examples –

1. Suppose the user is a biology professor who works at a prestigious university.

In the first box, there should be information about the job, expectations, expected problems, etc. This should help ChatGPT understand the professor and his work; will share information such as:

I am a biology professor working at a prestigious university. I teach students at BSc and MSc. I teach students about topics related to different areas of biology. I try to make sure that the students understand what I am teaching and that they have an easy time learning it.

ChatGPT details to customize by Personality

2. In the second box, specify all the nuances that ChatGPT should follow when answering a question, such as tone, length, format, etc. This will determine how ChatGPT tailors the solution to meet specific needs.

The tone should be practical but pleasant. The information must be complete and accurate. It should be presented in sentences and paragraphs rather than points. It can be as long as it needs to be, unless otherwise stated. There shouldn’t be any kind of emotion. Avoid using too many words and be concise. The answer should begin with a blank sentence containing exactly five sentences. Five or ten ideas on some optional readings for students to deepen their understanding of the topic at the end of your answer.

Separation With and Without Changing ChatGPT Features

Using the above mentioned example, let’s see how the output changes without using “Change ChatGPT”.

Without a Custom Persona

The answer seems normal without using “Change ChatGPT”. I can follow the order of the information provided, but it may not fit your preferences.

It’s a Custom Persona

When you dial your expectations using “Change ChatGPT”, the response is very much in line with your expectations. It has followed a specific format, with a brief introduction at the beginning and additional additional ideas at the end.

Advantages of Using Custom ChatGPT Tips

ChatGPT will respond based on the information you provide. This becomes more apparent when you use “Change ChatGPT”. Once you create a person that fits your needs, ChatGPT will respond accordingly.

  • Update regularly to maintain relevance – Setting this up once is a no-brainer, but as your needs change, it’s a good idea to change the settings accordingly.
  • Details and flexibility – When using this, add as much information as possible, as this will help the answers. However, leaving room for ChatGPT to be creative and flexible is also important.
  • Use different people for different purposes – If you are faced with situations that require different responses, create different people for each situation. Do not try to combine all the other events into one, as this can damage the accuracy of the answers.
  • Try and Change – After customizing it, test it to see if it meets your expectations. When it’s low, go back and adjust if necessary.


Q. How Do You Get ChatGPT To Write Like You?

You can get ChatGPT to write like you by giving detailed instructions about your style, tone, and voice preferences. This can be done using the “Customize ChatGPT” feature. To learn more about how to use this feature, read this.

Q. How Can You Say Your AI Writing Is Yours?

AI-generated content cannot currently be copyrighted. The laws surrounding this are unclear and controversial. It is good practice to disclose the use of AI in writing, especially when a significant part was taken directly from AI.

Q. How Do I Use ChatGPT In My Personal Life?

There are many ways to use ChatGPT in one’s life. It can be a personal assistant to help with learning, research, creation, and more. Your creativity is the limit. You can also customize the responses using “Customize ChatGPT”.

The end

The “Customize ChatGPT” feature opens up a new way to customize your settings, enabling ChatGPT to provide better answers to your specific questions. By creating custom recommendations, you can make ChatGPT understand your personality, interests, work, and lifestyle. This will be very important for professionals and anyone who needs direct feedback. Hopefully, you’ve found this to be worth your time. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse to read more.

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