How to Connect Apple Pencil to an iPad


We have three Apple Pencils now, and all three join yours iPad on the contrary. These would have been confusing on their own. However, in addition to the confusion, sometimes, the same Pencil combines differently with different generations of iPad. If none of this makes sense, no problem. This book will help you simplify everything.

Apple Pencil Generations

There are three Apple Pencils currently on sale. All three differ in terms of functionality, functionality, and how they interact with yours iPad.

The first generation Apple Pencil was released in 2015 and is priced at $100. The second pencil came out in 2021 and retailed for $130. In November 2023, we found out USB-C Apple Pencilwhich, priced at $79, is the cheapest yet.

Before connecting, you may want to check if you have an Apple Pencil that works with your iPad. Check this out Apple Support Guide for help.

How to pair an Apple Pencil (1st generation) with your iPad (6th to 9th generation)

Remove the cap from the back of the Pencil, and you’ll see the lightning connector inside. Plug it into the Lightning port on your iPad. Option Two will appear on your iPad. Click on it to start syncing.

That’s all you need to do until you need to reset. This can happen when you restart your iPad, turn on Airplane Mode, or pair your Pencil with another iPad. When this happens, you have to repeat the same process to reset it.

How to pair an Apple Pencil (1st generation) with your iPad (10th generation)

You will need a volunteer USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter about it. Remove the cap from the Pencil and attach it to one side of the adapter. Connect one end of the USB-C cable to the other end of the cable in your iPad.

When you see the Pair button appear on your iPad, click it to start pairing. Once successfully paired, you can remove your Pencil from the adapter. It will stay connected until you pair it with another iPad or restart your iPad. If you do one of them, follow these steps again.

How to Pair an Apple Pencil (2nd generation) with Your iPad

This is probably the easiest. Just place your Pencil where you have the volume controls on your iPad. Simply attach it to the magnetic connector in the center of the side. You’ll hear a satisfying click when it’s done. A pop-up on your iPad will let you know that your Pencil is connected. You are ready to download it and start using it.

How to Connect Apple Pencil (USB-C) to Your iPad

For this, make sure your iPad is updated to iPadOS 17.1 or later. Open the end of the Apple Pencil to reveal the USB-C port inside. Connect the USB-C cable to the port and its other end into your iPad. Your pencil should be ready to use.


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