How Police Found Riley Strain’s Body Two Weeks After Disappearance


The family of Riley Strain is going through an insurmountable loss. 

Two weeks after the University of Missouri student went missing during a fraternity trip to Nashville, his body was found March 22 in the Cumberland River, eight miles upstream from where he was last seen. 

“The medical examiner office reviewed the body and we have confirmed that it’s Riley Strain,” an officer from the Nashville Police Department said at a press conference March 22. “The family has been contacted. There are no signs of foul play at this time.”

Authorities added that the 22-year-old was still wearing the shirt and watch he had been wearing on the night of his March 8 disappearance when his body was recovered. 

“At around 7:28 a.m., we got a call from a worker on 61st avenue at a company that is near the Cumberland river, that had been searching for anything that would pop up on the river—especially Riley Strain if he would surface here,” the officer continued. “As they were removing an object from the river, they noticed what appeared to be Riley Strain pop up.”


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