How Kate Middleton’s Story Went Amazingly Off the Rails


Apart from the engagement, William is following his schedule, the 42-year-old future king. engage in bright light remaining image of what-we-are-accustomed-to.

Decorating cakes at a youth center in London, he told the crowd around him, “My wife is an arty one,” and “my kids are more talented than me.”

Also on the same day, Kensington Palace was criticized by Agence France-Presse for the defacement of family photos.

“In the meantime, the confidence of the AFP in the images taken from the [Kensington] The palace is in disarray,” AFP’s international correspondent said Phil Chetwynd she said in a statement to E! Story. “We cannot say that it is a reliable source of the paper images. We are still looking for further explanation.”

Which is not to say that the agency won’t accept photos of the palace. Instead, Chetwynd explained, “they need to be more focused and change the checks.” He added that he considers it “a habit of the media to question the future.”

But Chetwynd added that the AFP hopes to “rebuild this trust over time.”


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