Here’s How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp

Now you can print up to three important messages in WhatsApp chats. Zuckerberg announced this yesterday on his website WhatsApp Channelalong with a picture showing the picture taken above.

I can imagine that this would make things easier, especially in group chats where you have to wade through hundreds of messages to be heard. Information such as events or interesting news can be pushed to the social banner above. The good thing is that you can add photos and ratings, too, so you don’t just write posts.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because, in December 2023, we will pin a unmarried message you chat on WhatsApp. But with the upgrade received yesterday, the number of messages that can be printed has increased to three.

The recently clicked message will appear in a banner above your chat. You can click on the icon to cycle through all of your published messages. A small bar on the left will let you know how many messages have been published.

Some things should not be published forever, such as the details of a group that is happening in the same week. To save users from clicking and deleting, they are asked to select when they are printing a message. The three options are 24 hours, seven days and 30 days.

How to Print and Delete Messages in WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Support Center updated with detailed ways to lock and delete messages on Android, iOS, and desktop.

On Android, tap and hold the message > Pin > choose a pin time > Pin. iPhone users should tap and hold a message > Pin > choose a pin time. If you are on WhatsApp Web on desktop, go to the message you want to print > scroll to the right of the chat bubble > click the down arrow that appears > Pin > choose a pin time > Pin to finish.

removal, tap and hold the message > select Delete. This works on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Posting in Group Chats

Note that if you are the administrator of a group, you must give permission to its members to write messages to the group. On all three platforms—Android, iOS, and desktop—click on the group name at the top > scroll down to Group permissions > open the edit group settings.

Every time someone in the group locks something, a machine message will be shared with the rest of the group indicating that the message was published by the person who locked it. If someone joins the group after the clicked message is sent, they won’t be able to see it.

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