Google’s Circle to Search feature will soon handle language translation


Google just announced that it is expanding tool that , as part of the variables of the different initial groups. Circle to Search, as the name suggests, allows other Android users to search for things around an object.

The upcoming language translation unit will no longer require a loop. Google says people should just long-press the home or social button and look for the translation icon. It will do the rest. The company demonstrated a technology that quickly translates the entire menu with a long press. Google Translate can already do this, albeit in a slightly different way, but this update means that users don’t have to go out of one app to another just to look something up.

The translation tool will start rolling out “in the coming weeks”, though . The lineup currently includes Pixel 7 devices, Pixel 8 devices and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, though Google says it’s coming to more phones and tablets this week, including folders.

Google Maps , with an emphasis on AI. When you drag a place on the Map, such as a restaurant, the artificial intelligence will show a summary that describes the interest and “what people like” about the business. AI will also analyze pictures of food and determine what the dish is called, in addition to its price and whether it is vegetarian or vegan. The company hopes that this will make it easier to make reservations and make reservations.

A smartphone that displays your favorite new series.


On the non-AI side of things, Maps is getting an updated list of locations in select cities in the US and Canada. This will include a list of places you should visit from the community and local media. There will be tools to edit these lists as you see fit.

This will be combined with lists created by Google and its algorithms, including a weekly trending list to find the “hot spots” and something called Gems that lists under-the-radar spots. The full version of Mappuzi is coming to both Android and iOS devices later this month.


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