Google says its new version of Chrome for Windows laptops with Snapdragon chips is much faster


Google has a new version of Chrome for Windows laptops running Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The two companies say the Snapdragon version of Chrome shows “great performance.” The new version of Chrome is available for download today.

Although they already exist Snapdragon Windows laptops you can buy, today’s announcement involves paving the way for the upcoming devices running on Snapdragon X Elite. Qualcomm says the chip will significantly exceed its speed Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 line. (But if you have a computer running on Snapdragon, the new Snapdragon Chrome will work there too.)

Google looks at the company’s history working together on Android (16 years old) as a hobby as Qualcomm tries to eat into Intel’s PC market. “Our partnership with Qualcomm Technologies will help ensure Chrome users get the best experience when browsing the web on ARM-compatible PCs,” Google Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer wrote in a press release.

The first Snapdragon X Elite PCs are expected to launch in the middle of this year. The chip is controlled by 12 Orion cores and has what Qualcomm says is twice the CPU performance of Intel’s 13th-gen Core i7-1360P and i7-1355U — while using 68 percent less power. The chip is based on the 4nm process developed by TSMC. Typical clock speeds range from 3.8GHz to dual-core upgrades up to 4.3GHz.

Qualcomm also says that most Windows games will run at almost full speed without any need to change the code or change the content.

Although Intel is Qualcomm’s direct competitor in Windows, it is also trying to match or surpass Apple’s achievements. M-series silicon. Qualcomm’s problem is doing this on different hardware from different companies – something Apple doesn’t have to worry about with its integrated model.


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