Fridays Are Officially Freaky Again


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Freaky Friday—the 2003 model being one of them DisneyThe most popular teen movies for boys are starting again—they’re starting to catch on again.

After years of saying he would do it, Jamie Lee Curtis (Borderlands) and Lindsay Lohan (Irish Wish) will show at last Friday 2nd Fridaywhich he teased today in an Instagram post. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news that Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales Filmmaker Nisha Ganatra is on board to direct the workshop, and producer Andrew Gunn will return to helm the film with former Disney director Kristen Burr.

Freaky Friday has been on loan to Disney since the 1976 film starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris as a daughter and mother who switch bodies. The movie and its 2003 remake are based on Mary Rodgers’ novel of the same name, which has undergone many changes, including the music, which is more in line with the come-of-age comedy. name the fun of seeing a young actress start playing a mother in the wrong body, and vice versa. As THR notes, “Lohan is no longer a teenager and the new script, written by Jordan Weiss, is said to bring a multi-faceted story.”

Disney has not revealed if Friday 2nd Fridaywhich starts shooting this summer, will release theaters or go to Disney +.

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