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After Silence on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV that aired on Investigation Discovery in March 2024, Nickelodeon fans who grew up watching Teen Nick shows were shocked to hear about workplace harassment, sexual assault and more abuse from their favorite stars. One of the surprising names that came forward was Drake Bellwho revealed that he was being raped several times he is a former dialogue teacher. In response to Bell’s revelations, another former actor revealed his experience on another show.

Find out which former child actors came forward with accusations before and after Silence on Seth broadcasts.

Drake Bell

Time Silence on Sethand Drake and Josh alum described the “brutal” abuse she experienced Brian Peck in the early 2000s.

“You know any time I had a test or any time I wanted to talk or whatever, I would go back to Brian’s house,” Bell said. “And it just got worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and I just got locked up.” I had no way out. The torture was intense and brutal. “

The singer continued, “I was sleeping in the chair where I usually sleep and I woke up to him – I opened my eyes and I woke up and he was… he was raping me. And I was turned off, and I was very scared and I didn’t know what to do or what to do.”

Nickelodeon responded to Bell’s comments in a statement obtained by Hollywood life.

“Now that Drake Bell has revealed who he is as a defendant in the 2004 lawsuit, we are saddened and saddened to learn of the horrors he endured, and we applaud and support the efforts needed to come forward,” the network said.

Allie DiMeco


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Allie took part in a music show The Naked Brothers Band, playing the love interest, Rosalina. In March 2024 TikTok movie, Allie revealed that she wasn’t comfortable when she had to kiss a man who was too big to act. Also, he said that his production made him feel as if he would lose his position if he didn’t.

“They made me kiss this 30-year-old man when I was like, what, 14, 15?” Allie said. “I told them many times that I don’t want it. My mother hated it so much, and she made me feel like I was going to be fired, so if I didn’t do it, I would be fired.”

Allie told the story in question from the show.

“There was a moment when Rosalina ‘kidnapped’ Nat and kissed a French guy,” the actress said. “He is a 30-year-old man. Sorry, I couldn’t even watch it. It gives me the f**king ick, and honestly gives me PTSD. …I see this Silence on Seth documents. and it talks about how important and important it is to create – especially when it’s children – to create an environment where children feel free to say ‘No’ or ‘I don’t feel good about this.’ And I’m like, yeah, maybe they’re talking about it, it’s also important to create an environment that listens to kids and doesn’t make them do things they don’t want to. “

Jennette McCurdy

The the past iCarly stars detailed in his 2022 post, I’m Glad My Mother Died, about the place he said was the most dangerous when he was working with the book “The Creator.” Many believe that he was referring to the creator of the list, Dan Schneider, especially since another section refers to the “Creator” as “Dan.”

At one point in her novel, McCurdy recalled an incident where her character, Sam, kissed her Nathan Kress‘ character, Freddie, in the original series. During that time, “The Creator” yelled at her several times while filming, she said.

“The Creator looks me in the eye but doesn’t say anything for four or five seconds,” McCurdy wrote in his book. “I almost started laughing, thinking that maybe he was messing with me like he does sometimes, but then I realized that he has a lot of anger. This is no time to laugh.”

McCurdy also claimed that the network wanted to pay him to not reveal his behind-the-scenes experiences.

“Nickelodeon is paying me three hundred thousand dollars not to speak publicly about my experience on the show? My experience with the cruelty of the Creator?” he said. “This is a network with shows made for kids. Shouldn’t they have some kind of moral compass? Shouldn’t they try to refer to some kind of moral standards?”

Alexa Nikolas

Time Silence on SethAlexa remembered a Zoe 101 the scene where his character, Nicole, accidentally squitted to continue Jamie Lynn Spears‘face. As the photographer stood behind the camera, Nikolas said he heard a man say, “That’s the shot.”

Over the past few years, Nikolas has been a vocal critic of Nickelodeon and has called on the network to ensure the safety of child actors on their sets.

In response to what was said in Quiet on Set, Nickelodeon issued a statement to Hollywood life.

“While we cannot accept or deny allegations of practices that were made decades ago, Nickelodeon as a matter of policy investigates all complaints as part of our commitment to promote a safe and healthy work environment without harassment or other forms of inappropriate behavior,” the statement read. “Our highest priority is the well-being and well-being of not only our employees, players and staff, but of all children, and we have taken many precautionary measures over the years to help ensure that we live up to our high standards and the expectations of the audience. ours.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call National Statistics on Sexuality at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). A trained worker will provide confidential, non-judgmental support and home resources to support healing, recovery and more.


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