Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Dawntrail expansion arrives on July 2

It’s a busy time for fans of Final Fantasy, and all fantasy RPGs. Many people are still working and but he just fell and Elden ring to expand Erdtree Shadow . Second Final Fantasy XVI DLC, Rising Waves, they will . On top of all this, Square Enix has revealed this Dawntrailfifth expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Onlineit will arrive on July 2. Phew.

Dawntrail arrives just 19 months after the last major expansion, . You will be able to see a new story, try two new classes or jobs (Pictomancer and Viper) and solve many dungeons. Square Enix is ​​also increasing the cap to 100 and there are a few more additions to explore.

Pre-order the expansion for $40 . Those who buy in advance will be able to search Dawntrail a few days earlier, probably starting on June 28. Digital editions and collections will also be available. Type any of these and you’ll get a number of in-game items, including an Ark mount based on the eidolon it’s based on. Final Fantasy IX. All versions include access to older extensions, Shadowbringer and Endwalker.

Meanwhile, the crossover competition is Final Fantasy XVI will start from April 2 to May 8. Those who have completed the quotas in they will receive several Final Fantasy XVI-sports awards.

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