Everything Christina Applegate Has Said About Her Battle With MS


Christina Applegate He is not afraid to speak openly about multiple sclerosis.

In fact, a The Death of Me star has been open about her battle with the disease – which starts when the immune system mistakenly attacks the central nervous system – since receiving his diagnosis in 2021. Even Christina has stopped getting sick many brain diseasesconstant pain and Difficulty walkingThe 52-year-old refuses to let it get her down, approaching the topic of her health journey with humor and honesty.

“I make these jokes because if I don’t, I’ll fail. I’ll be done,” he said on March 25. Armchair expert. “I’m not ready for healing yet. When I get there.”

And after to survive cancerChristina learned not to worry about her health.

“My first interview was with Robin Roberts when I had cancer and I’m sitting there lying down—the opposite of how I feel,” he remembered Married…With Children alum, who was she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. “I fell against the wall and cried because it was a lie. Everything I was saying was a lie. I was trying to convince myself of something, and I think that didn’t help anyone.”


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