Enter the World of How To Train Your Dragon at Universal’s Epic Universe


Picture: Universal Orlando Resort

Riding with Toothless and Hiccup on Universal Epic Universewhich will soon boast the fantasy world of Vikings inspired by DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon. Detail of the Isle of Berk area, one of the five new scenes from the movie Universal Orlando’s newest theme parkhas just been revealed—and if you’re a fantasy franchise fan, you’re happy because change of circumstancesyou’ll want to visit the park when it opens in 2025, because there are dragons!

How to Train Your Dragon The Isle of Berk is set to be a fantastic game for the Viking dragon village of the DreamWorks film on the coast, with its rocky landscape and carved statues and huts. Leave it to Universal Creative to give us a real world of cinema to explore. We are very excited about the animatronic dragons that will be placed around the world and attractions – if you have ever met dinos on Jurassic Park‘s Islands of Adventure or on the Velocicoaster line, these dragons just feel like life (but not scary, we’d think).

In addition, three exciting rides will be the theme of the Isle of Berk: Hiccup’s Wing Gliders, a coaster; Fyre Drill, a watercraft interactive adventure; and Dragon Racer’s Rally, a high-flying but kid-friendly adventure. There will also be work inspired by the technology of Universal Beijing Resorts Uneducated, retelling the tale of Hiccup meeting Toothless.

Check out the site ahead to see what you can expect in a world where dragons and humans can interact (without, you know, the actual danger of fire) and get ideas for attractions, meeting people, eating, shopping. , etc.


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