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Billie EilishThe music industry’s latest interview with Swifties is buzzing. The 22-year-old Oscar winner emphasized how “destructive” it is for “other artists” to release vinyl records. Although he did not mention any famous person by name, some fans believe it what Billie was saying Taylor Swiftfrom the age of 34 Eras Tour pop star has announced several releases for her upcoming album, Department of Persecuted Poets.

“We’re living in a day and age where, for some reason, it’s very important for artists to make different types of vinyl and labels…that boost sales and raise numbers and get them more money and more exposure…” Billie said. Billboard Thursday, March 28. “It’s devastating, and it makes me angry that we’re still in a place where you care so much about your numbers and you care so much about making money — and it’s your favorite artists who do this. **t.”

“What Was I Made For?” The hitmaker also insisted that he “can’t explain” how “destructive” it was for artists in the business to release multiple copies.

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish appear with FIJI Water and JNSQ on Billboard's Women In Music
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“It’s right in front of our faces, and people are leaving left and right, and I find it frustrating as a person who is leaving to stay positive and do what I can and try to do that. Get everyone involved in my team to stay positive,” Billie said, adding, “And then there are others. of the world’s best vinyl af**king 40 packs that have something special to keep you buying more. .”

Then Billie remembered to watch The Hunger Games recently, which made him think about the problem, “because it’s like, we’re all going to do it for a reason [it’s] the only way to play the game. This only adds to the already messed up way of the industry. “

Earlier this year, Taylor announced an upcoming album at the Grammys. During his world tour, the “Love Story” artist announced new tracks for the album: “The Bolter” and “Black Dog”.

As for Billie, she released her 2021 album, Happier Than Ever, in vinyl, but several versions were sold with black recycled vinyl and were wrapped in covers made from sugar cane. Color copies of his album were sold with some recycled materials.


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