Doctor Who’s New Trailer is a Time-Traveling Delight

Picture: BBC

We only have one month left to see Ncuti Gatwa The Fifteenth Doctor decorate the interior Doctor Is new season. And with May so close, BBC not only did they release a new trailer, they also revealed the titles for the upcoming season.

But first, the trailer. Like last week, there’s a lot of time travel fun here. We gave the Doctor and Ruby Sunday a look at their Beatles and classic arcade games, we’ve got dinosaurs, and evil aliens in narrow alleys. It all seems like a good old time, so much fun with the Doctor’s joke at the end that this is all “just the beginning.” If this is what they cooked up for Gatwa’s game, which follows sure to be very interesting, if this sticks to the ground.

SEASON 1 TRAILER #2 | Doctor Who

As for the titles, the eight-episode season will begin with “Children of Space,” written by returning Russell T. Davies and directed by Julie Anne Robinson. Davies will then write the second episode (Ben Chessell’s “The Devil’s Chord”), followed by his former show partner. Steven Moffat Writing the third episode, “Boom,” with Robinson directing again. Loki is Kate Herron has teamed up with Briony Redman to write the sixth episode (“Rogue,” directed by Chessell), then Davies will close things out with “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” and the season finale, “Empire of Death” (both directed by Jamie Donoughue).

Doctor Who will hit Disney+ and the BBC at the same time – May 10, and May 11 in the UK.

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