Disney+ Has a New Look – One That’s Never Been Seen


Are you one of those people who organize your programs based on type? Do you keep folders? Or are you, like me, a stupid person who doesn’t remember the color of each app and adjust the swipes until their eyes can see clearly? If you are the last, find out Disney +– and Hulu– it can be a little difficult.

This week, Disney released Hulu on Disney+ in the US. Apparently it’s part of company CEO Bob Iger’s promise of “one program“The implementation only means that if you have one of the Disney “bundles” you can watch Hulu content when you are in Disney +. Well, good. Along with this change, Disney + has a new logo, which it calls “aurora,” a blue-green color that You look like what would happen if Tammy Faye’s eyes were printed on the screen of your device like that Pictures of Turin.

Just as little has changed in their digital experience, people on the Internet have noticed the change. And he gave a comment. Others said “without,” while others said “lifeless.” The visuals and direction went like this: “I mean, it’s Disney. Making new versions of things that are worse than the originals. what they do.” The hot temperature of the cold color.

Courtesy of Disney+

Disney’s update here isn’t really important. It included changes to everything, from repackaging Hulu video files to work on Disney+ to updating the metadata associated with movies and TV shows. The idea is that one day Disney will have “one of the best libraries in the entire industry,” Aaron LaBerge, president and CTO of Disney Entertainment and ESPN, said. he told The Verge. It is, in other words, about making Disney + a great content than it already is.

This is where, figuratively speaking, the Disney+ brand change takes on a different tone. It serves as a reminder of the improvement of the situation. In our conceptual software libraries, Netflix and red, Apple TV + is black, Hulu is green, Paramount + is Amazon Prime Video having a very similar blue color, Peacock and Discovery + have a rainbow-and-black going on. These visual notes show the type of action that will happen when you click. (I don’t know about you, but now I associate a crappy TV with RGB 229 9 20, aka Netflix Red.)

Just like they do add or change their personal information, will disrupt the unspoken assumptions that have set our expectations for what they give us. HBO would have kept the old black-silver-blue look from Go on days, perhaps, in combination with Apple TV+, black will be the official color of high-quality video. But it is not.

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