Details Of Ayesha Curry’s Close Relationship With “Big Mom” ​​Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Being a Mother & Bringing Her Baby to Settle! (Special)

This golden friendship is a complete dunk.

After all, Ayesha Curry he couldn’t help but be impressed by his long time friend Lindsay Lohan when he thought about their strong relationship. And like They said girls alum navigates motherhood for the first time—welcoming a baby boy Luai and a man Bader Shammas during the summer—the Food Network star has looked amazing.

“She’s a good mom,” Ayesha told E! Talk in an exclusive interview on March 28 at the Voices of Beauty Summit hosted by Landing International. “It’s been really fun to watch. They’re just killing it.”

“He’s in his early days, but he knows how to make the most of the work life,” he said Sweet Skin for July the founder continued. “I know it’s not there, but it’s in his world. He does a great job.”

Ayesha-one who shares children Riley12, Ryan8, and Canon5, is a man Stephen Curry and she is pregnant and their fourth child-began a relationship with Lindsay years ago and has become very close. In fact, he and the Golden State Warriors player were even he mentioned godparents son Luai.


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