Deep Nudity Generator Reveals The Pleasures Of His Victims

Another photo on the site showed a group of young people who appear to be in elementary school: a boy posing in what appears to be a gym with two girls, who are smiling and posing for the photo. The boy’s face was obscured by a Snapchat lens that magnified his eyes so much that they covered his face.

Captions on the photos that appear to have been uploaded indicate that they contain pictures of friends, classmates, and boyfriends. “My gf” one caption says, showing a girl taking a picture of herself in the mirror.

Many of the images featured influencers who are popular on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites. Some of the photos looked like Instagram photos of people sharing pictures of their daily lives. Another photo showed a smiling young woman with a salt shaker and a festive candle.

A number of pictures appeared showing people who were not strangers to the person who took the picture. One photo taken in the background shows a woman or girl who is not taking a picture, but is standing next to what appears to be a tourist attraction.

Some of the images in the feed reviewed by WIRED were cropped to remove the faces of women and girls, showing breasts or fists.

Great Audience

During eight days of monitoring the site, WIRED saw five new women’s photos appear on the Home feed, and three on the Explore page. Statistics posted on the site showed that many of these images received hundreds of “views”. It is unclear whether all images posted to this site go to the Home or Explore feed, or how views are recorded. Each post on the Home feed has at least a dozen views.

Photos of famous people and people with the biggest Instagram followers are featured in the “Most Viewed” photo list posted on the site. The most viewed people of all time on the site are Jenna Ortega with over 66,000 views, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift with over 27,000 views, and Malaysian influencer and DJ with over 26,000 views.

Swift and Ortega have been targeted with deep penetration before. The cycle of fake nude photos of Swift on X in January started a moment of discussion about the consequences of deepfakes and the need for greater legal protection for victims. This month, NBC reported that, for seven months, Meta has been around ads for the deepnude app. The app boasted that it could “undress” people, using a photo of Jenna Ortega from when she was 16.

In the US, there is no federal law against the distribution of fake, illegal images. A few countries they have established their own rules. But AI-generated nude images of children fall into the same category as child exploitation, or CSAM, says Jennifer Newman, director of NCMEC’s ​​Exploited Children’s Division.

“If it can’t be separated from a picture of a live, real child, then that’s babysitting for us,” says Newman. “And we’ll see if we’re correcting our reports, because we’re sending reports to the police.”

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