Cyclops Has Always Been This Good


When X-Men ’97 hit Disney + last week, all viewers shouted one thing – except “For me, my X-men!”—as he observed the Marvel version in action: “Where have you been this Cyclops has been?

Funny. He has been in the comics.

X-Men ’97 it has already been proven to be a strong pulse for Marvel, returning audiences to the days of the X-Men’s ’90s boom, right in the middle Animated series and a list of the most successful books and articles in the decade afterChris Claremont’s famous run on Uncanny X-Men, mutantkind reached a level of mainstream popularity unlike any other since then. But his greatest achievement to date may be one that has been almost two and a half years in the making: the opportunity to transcend. other a great evolution of the misinterpretation of the X-Men one of the most important characters to evolve around. in Scott Summers.

A snapshot: Amazing

Cyclops a X-Men ’97‘s Premiere episodes-balancing his future ambitions away from the endless war as he prepares to start a family with Jean Gray and the anxiety of leading the X-Men during the global awareness of mutantkind, and the tragedy of losing Mentor Charles Xavier-is a crowd person. We get to see the technical skills that are Scott’s main part in the comedy as he guides the team through its many plans, recovery plans, and unexpected events. We see a very conflicted person behind his ruby-quartz glasses, the push and pull of the Boy Scout who was always Charles’ favorite student and the angry man who has spent years being shaken by a world that hates and fears him. .

And yes, we see him as evil. He is a leading hero from the front, as the years of honing his gift of transformation allow him doing things we have never seen before the player acts in a scene outside of a fighting game-he walks around with his explosion (electrical energy, not heat, not hot, please don’t get into this anymore) while wiping the ground with criminals, making aerial trips with a pillar. of red power to reduce his fall. For many people, returning to the X-Men for the first time since then The Animated List came to an end nearly 30 years ago, this is a Cyclops they’ve never seen before—a bit of a genius, a goody-two-two-shoes, sure, but a well-known character and a hero who is more than passive. that. A character that is fair, and funny, and emotional, and above all, really interesting.

A picture of the story Cyclops Has Always Been Good

A snapshot: Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles/Marvel Comics

This is what Scott has the longer you play-man pushes and pulls between how he views his mind as a mutantkind facing crisis after struggle, who constantly struggles with the legacy of Xavier’s dreams and his legacy on a regular basis. A man who, given the few restraints he’s held all his life, can raise a Watchman in a minute. The person who always (frequently) it causes confusion about his personal life and relationships due to his need to think a little bit, from his love life to his leadership of many X-Men tours over the years. He is blessed with this depth and variety of recognition, thanks to his long career as a medium. This has been especially true in the past few decades, when creative teams have provided Scott with excellent, original work. New X-Men for his director of opposition he passed the short period of Kieron Gillen, and finally Brian Michael Bendis’. high speedon Uncanny X-Menand continue to enter the Krakoan generation. You can do more in decades of monthly comic books, even between reboots and re-productions, than you can in a two-hour movie or several seasons of TV animation.

But despite all this, what did not help Scott’s great reputation – and what surprised X-Men ’97‘s take on the character is a faithful continuation of his character from X-Men: The Movie Series-and that many years since then have been dominated by one figure above all: the Cyclops of Fox X-Men films. Just a little knock on James Marsden and eventually Tye Sheridan (Tim Pocock was, well, Also There), the problem of Fox’s Scott is that there are many films that imitate this character and others that have never really existed. one. Good or bad, Bryan Singer X-Men Movies changed classic movies forever, and for the X-Men in particular, it meant that his character was embedded in society in a few ways that others managed (and couldn’t escape, like Kelsey Grammar’s Beast show. back to the end of the Amazing). And even this has been good for the characters that the films focused on, for example WolverineProfessor X, and Magneto, of the characters in the group were left aside—that is, everyone except Jean Grey, who was. the proper maintenance of other reasons– meant he didn’t get the right look, and Scott suffered a lot because of it.

A picture of the story Cyclops Has Always Been Good

A snapshot: 20th Century Studios

The Cyclops of the Fox movies was not a character, mostly because we rarely get to see him as one outside of his role as the enforcer on the team, or his role as Jean’s abusive love interest. His strength was not evident, and when it was, it was from a place less limited and restricted than the confidence we see him display. X-Men ’97 (there’s an argument to be made for the difference between the two, but even then, these movies always have more powerful scenes than anything Scott did). Scott wasn’t supposed to have a role in the X-Men or as a superhero to be explored, and we rarely got to see him as a character beyond that, instead we got to take a backseat to him and confuse him with the mysterious backstory he’s currently in. was in the public consciousness for a long time. Now, at least, X-Men ’97 is taking steps to address this, and we hope that this time, the interest in these lists will make more people want to see what the argument is about in the first place, and read more. really, really big joke.

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