Christine Quinn Makes First Public Appearance Since Husband’s Arrest


Story warning: This story is about domestic violence.

It seems Christine Quinn leaning on him Sunset Sale a marriage between her estranged husband legal issues.

A week later Christian DumontetFor construction, the real estate agent was contacted by Oppenheimer Group’s Nicole Young and Davina Potratz where she hosted a party for luxury perfume brand Xerjoff in Los Angeles. Dressed in a jewel-toned, beige dress with a plunging neckline and feather embellishments, she and her friends posed for photos on the red carpet at the March 27 event.

“Loved it Sunset Sale Mom meets Xerjoff again,” Quinn wrote on her Instagram Story, while Young came out of the grid post“What a beautiful evening they are celebrating.”

Meanwhile, Potratz he wrote in his Instagram post“Spread the power of your presence and leave them smelling delicious!”

The outing marks Quinn’s first appearance since Dumontet’s tenure arrested by the police for assault with a deadly weapon for a domestic dispute on March 19. In a request for a restraining order against Dumontet, obtained by E! News March 29, Quinn criticized the developer of the throw away the glass bag for him and their two-year-old son Christian Georges Dumontet.


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