Chinese Hackers Have Been Called Over the Longest Decade in the World


Over the years, state-sponsored Chinese pirates have stolen large amounts of goods company secrets, Political wisdomand personal information of millions of people. On Monday, officials in the United States and the United Kingdom added to a long list of hacking allegations, claiming that China was responsible for breaching the UK’s election watchdog and gaining access to the personal information of 40 million people. The country has also issued a series of charges and sanctions against a Chinese group following a decades-long threat.

In August last year, the Electoral Commission in the UK to be revealed The “actors” came into effect in August 2021 and can access public information for 14 months until it is released in October 2022. The deputy prime minister, Oliver Dowden, told lawmakers on Monday that the Chinese state-backed actor was responsible. about the attack. In addition, Dowden said, UK intelligence officials have confirmed that the Chinese hacking group APT31 is targeting political emails in 2021.

“This is the latest in a series of cyber attacks by Chinese state-linked organizations and individuals targeting democratic institutions and parliamentarians in the UK and beyond,” Dowden told the UK Parliament. The revelations were accompanied by the UK sanctioning two individuals and one company linked to APT31.

Along with the UK’s announcement on Monday, the US Department of Justice and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control revealed additional actions against APT31, also known as Violet Typhoon, Bronze Vinewood, and Judgment Pandaincluding charging seven Chinese nationals with conspiracy to hack computers and wire fraud.

The DOJ says the hacking group, which is linked to China’s Ministry of Security (MSS) spy agency, has spent 14 years targeting thousands of dissidents, businesses, and politicians around the world for alleged espionage. This includes posing as journalists to send over 10,000 malicious emails that target recipients, hacking email accounts, cloud storage accounts, call logs, home routers, and more. The husbands of one of the top officials in the White House and most of the US senators were also targeted, the DOJ. he says.

“These allegations hinder China’s hacking operation that seeks information about US elected officials and government officials, journalists and students; valuable information from American companies; and political opponents in America and abroad,” Breon Peace, US attorney for Eastern District in New York, he said in a statement. “Their heinous conspiracy victimized many people and organizations around the world, and spanned more than a decade.”

The move comes as countries warn of a add it China-related espionage, in a year when more than 100 countries will hold general elections. Statements from officials focus on the effects of fraud on democratic processes, including the targeting of elected officials around the world and the harassment of pro-democracy activists and lawmakers in Hong Kong. However, the revelations also echo an ongoing debate among Western politicians on pro- or anti-China sentimentincluding what they want selling TikTok to a US companywhich can lead to the cancellation of the popular program if the transaction fails to pass.


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