Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Reveal The Secret To A Strong Marriage


Then there is the family of “Layniac” who, at 5, is “nutsos,” laughed Chelsea, “but he is very happy. He is always running around the farm. And he is the one who takes every animal we have.” And finally the baby of the group, Walker, who is happy to be joined by his big brothers.

The former MTV star I also appreciate everything they have built from their current farm to the lights that have been displayed on them HGTV images list.

“Our kids are very involved, and they see our work,” Chelsea said. “And I think it’s a good thing that we share, like, watching what Mom and Dad are doing, and doing it together.”

Because for these two, their teamwork is what makes their dreams work. “We’re doing great projects and working with amazing people,” Cole said. “But to be able to do that with Chelsea has made it even better.”

And they are not the only ones Young Mothers stars that have built a solid foundation. Check it out with the rest of the popular MTV franchise.


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