CEO of Firm Tapped for AI Metal Detectors in NYC Subways Says Subways Are Not a ‘Good Use-Case’


Picture: Barry Williams of the NY Daily News (Getty Images)

Depending on what is considered rise in crimeNew York State and New York City officials have created a major problem, police-state push to increase safety in the city’s subway system. This includes the deployment of National Guard and State Police officers in the city’s sewers and, possibly, the installation of new surveillance systems. One way to deal with underground crime was in the near future and Mayor Eric Adams and Evolv, a company that sells AI-powered device recognition systems.

On Thursday, Adams held a press conference in which he announced a 90-day pilot program involving the new Evolv system to detect equipment on the city’s subways. These devices are designed to hunt for guns and knives. There’s just one problem, though: The CEO of the company behind the recording machine recently admitted that it’s not made for subways.

“Subways in particular are not an area that we think is a good option for us,” said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technologies. in a recent press conference. “All about [concept of operations] and sitting down and disrupting the track – [subways are] It’s not a big problem,” he repeated. Although George didn’t explain why it’s not helpful in this case, it doesn’t look good for the Mayor’s Office.

To make matters worse, Evolv is being sued by some shareholders who accuse the company of exaggerating its device’s ability to detect devices. 404 Media reported Friday. The lawsuit called some of the company’s products “false and misleading because Evolv does not recognize knives or guns.” So, that’s not good. You can understand the desire of city officials to keep people safe, although one might argue that flooding the MTA with surveillance cameras and armed men is not a very smart move.

Gizmodo has reached out to Evolv and the New York City Mayor’s Office for comment and will update this post when we receive a response.


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