Cargo Ship That Collided With Baltimore Bridge Was Involved in a Previous Collision

A large cargo ship in charge bridge collapse in Baltimore On Tuesday, he had a previous, similar incident on his record, reports said USA Today.

The Dali, a large cargo ship operated by Singapore-based Synergy Marine Group, previously collided with a boat in Antwerp in 2016 while trying to leave the port, the newspaper said. No one was injured in the incident, although the front of the boat was damaged. An investigation blamed the ship’s captain and master for the mistakes that led to the ship’s destruction.

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The Dali struck Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore in Maryland on Tuesday morning. The bridge, which spanned the Patapsco River, later collapsed. At least two people have been rescued and six people are missing because of the incident and they are considered dead. Several vehicles fell into the river when the bridge collapsed. The ship had left the port of Baltimore and was bound for Sri Lanka at the time of the accident.

Key Bridge collapses in Baltimore, Maryland (March 26, 2024)

Since the accident, conspiracy theories have been flying around the internet, with conservative experts and commentators suggesting that there may have been some sort of conspiracy to bring about the accident. Others have he thought that the ship might have been stolenbut there is no evidence to prove it.

Not much is known about what happened to the ship before it went into the bridge. The train reportedly lost power before hitting a bridge support pillar.

Clay Diamond, executive director of the American Pilots’ Association, who spoke to USA Today about the accident, said that the event was “unusual”: “It seems that almost every pilot in the country has had some kind of blackout. (but) it’s usually temporary,” Diamond said. “This was a complete blackout of all the ship’s power, so it’s amazing. Yes, this happened in a very bad place.”

Gizmodo has contacted Synergy Marine Group for comment and will update this story if it responds.

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