Cardi B Reveals The Fashion Obstacles She Faces Because Of Her Body


Cardi B he never misses a beat with his fashion.

But to strengthen himself if style symbol it has not been a pretty trip. In fact, he is his longtime stylist Collin Carter they have to pull a few tricks up their sleeves.

“There are a lot of obstacles that stand in our way,” he admitted The Hollywood Reporter about his Power Stylists article, which was published on the Internet March 27. “For example, this body is not made for size 2. I am very hip, ass and that’s me.”

He continued: “It wasn’t easy, but we make it look easy.”

The 2019 Met Gala changed everything for them, according to Kollin. At that moment, Cardi panicked Thom Browne’s larger-than-life wardrobe which had a burst of feathers and half of the bottom.

“This look catapulted Cardi B into the next phase of the fashion world,” he told the magazine. “People who didn’t take us seriously were like, ‘Well, they’re here to stay.’


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