Boeing Demands Virgin Galactic Destroy All Data From Its Failed Space Tourism Partnership


There is a new drama in the space industry. Boeing filed a lawsuit against Virgin Galactic, arguing that it was keeping trade secrets that the two companies exchanged while working on the new mothership, which is still in development.

On Friday, Boeing asked a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, to issue a court order barring Virgin Galactic from reusing data shared between the two companies as part of the deal in 2022, according to complaint. Boeing is accusing Virgin Galactic of “keeping, using, and threatening to use trade secrets” belonging to the company and its Virginia-based subsidiary, Aurora Flight Sciences, the complaint read.

In July 2022, Virgin Galactic he announced collaboration with Aurora to create and create his next childhood. The Uma is used to lift the space plane and release it at an altitude of 44,500 feet (13,500 meters) above the ground. Virgin Galactic is in the process of developing a new generation aircraft, called the Delta, to take astronauts to suborbital space on a regular basis.

The company is also working on The exalted Bible about Eva, Virgin Galactic’s mother model. This improved model is designed to be faster to develop and easier to maintain, helping the company expand its operations. Virgin Galactic wants to start flight tests of the first flight of Delta in 2025 and begin to start commercial workers on the new vehicle in 2026. It is not clear where the company stands with its new mothership design, but things did not go well with Aurora on it. FINISH.

The lawsuit alleges that Virgin Galactic withheld information related to the development of women, refusing to honor the agreement’s promise to destroy two trade secrets. “Boeing developed these trade secrets over decades of engineering, testing, building, and flying airplanes,” the complaint read. “Virgin Galactic’s unlawful retention and use of these trade secrets to create a new Mothership deliberately deprives Boeing and Aurora of their property rights and causes irreparable harm to their competitors, after which the information cannot be kept confidential.”

“We believe this lawsuit is wrong on both the facts and the law, and we will vigorously defend ourselves in the appropriate forum,” a Virgin Galactic spokeswoman said in an email. In response to a request for comment, Boeing said the company had nothing further to add.

Richard Branson’s space venture launched its commercial flights last summer, and The first group will depart on June 29, 2023. Virgin Galactic’s seventh flight soon he started In January, I first installed the four seats in his VSS Oneness space planes were manned.

Virgin Galactic hopes to see more profit with its Delta vehicle, with each flight price between $50 to $60 million to create and life 500 flights. With six passengers, each paying $450,000 per ticket, that adds up to $2.7 million per flight while operating costs for each flight rise to about $400,000. This means that the potential profit for each suborbital trip is $2.3 million.

Delta can start with Eva carrier, but the new mothership would still be useful for Virgin Galactic’s plans to advance their limited space travel.

Controlling: A previous version of this story said that Delta Air Lines needed a new mothership to get off the ground. Actually, Delta can be installed from Eve.

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