BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X Has a Screen-Wide Screen and a ‘Joy’ Brain


“‘The heart of joy’ takes 30 years and combines them into one control unit,” BMW chief technology officer Frank Weber tells WIRED. “Everything related to driving, related to the steering wheel, related to the powertrain—everything is integrated into one control unit. If you like the idea of ​​a perfect driving system, there are functions that are crazy. It’s the same for the infotainment system. To do well for customers yours, you need to have the necessary software and the software development process.”

Crazy M Performance Promise

Weber insists that the size of the batteries is not in line with BMW’s sustainability goals but promises genuine BMW vibes from its high-end M-division models. “The Neue Klasse is ambitious and will do more than what we have today,” he says. “Future M cars will have nearly a megawatt (1,340 bhp) of power and will be able to control all wheels.”

Image: BMW

“Some people may miss the sound of the engine on fire but certainly not the way the car behaves. It’s amazing. Everything important for M is burned in this new technology. As our engineers learned more about the power of the system, so their confidence increased And the way the car moves. And the control and electric cars means you can go crazy.”

Now back to Vision X. If iX and i7 it’s too much for you, then this new concept represents a definitive redesign of the beautiful system. It’s a clean, modern looking car with a powerful but intuitive feel.

“We wanted to express the true heritage of BMW,” the head of i Design Kai Langer tells me, “and Vision X is our true foundation. Try to remove the line from this car and you can’t. Vision X is clearly BMW, even if it has different parts. It’s simple, understated, bold and alive.”

Getting 3D Grilled

BMW Vision New Class X

Image: BMW

Interestingly, there are shades of the original 02 series, which began in 1966, as well as hints of the beloved ’70s 3.0 CSL, and the early ’80s E30 3 series. Vision X wears these tricks lightly, but their presence suggests that some rethinking has been done. The double vertical kidney grille will be retained on BMW’s X SUV models from now on, a hidden horizontal support used on sedans and sports cars.


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