Biden administration OKs $60m in relief for Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster | Financial Issues


Maryland Governor Wes Moore warns of ‘very long road’ to recover from deadly bridge collapse.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled $60m in emergency funding to help clean up and rebuild the city. Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster in Baltimore.

The Federal Highway Administration said Thursday it had provided “quick release” funds to rebuild a bridge that collapsed just hours after receiving a request from the Maryland Department of Transportation.

The quick refund came after Biden earlier this week told the government to “move heaven and earth” to rebuild the bridge, which collapsed on Tuesday after being hit by a freight train.

“No one will ever forget the horrific images of the ferry crashing into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the collapse and the tragic loss of six lives,” US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a statement.

“The emergency funds we’re releasing today will help Maryland get started quickly, followed by other things as the recovery and reconstruction process progresses. President Biden has made it clear: The state will do whatever it takes to help rebuild the bridge and reopen the Port of Baltimore.”

The funding announcements came as Maryland Governor Wes Moore warned of a “very long road” to recovery from the disaster as experts consider how to remove the Singaporean-flagged Dali from the bridge crisis.

“It’s as tall as the Eiffel Tower and it’s got the Key Bridge on top of it. We’re talking 3,000 or 4,000 tons of steel sitting on top of the deck,” Moore said.

Officials say they need debris from the bottom of the ocean to reach the bodies of the four missing workers who are believed to be trapped in their vehicles in a “massive area” of concrete and other debris.

Divers on Wednesday found the bodies of two workers in a pickup truck near the central bridge.

State officials have told Maryland lawmakers that the final cost of rebuilding the bridge could reach $2bn, Roll Call reported, citing a source familiar with the negotiations.


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