Avian influenza spreads to dairy herds in Michigan, Idaho

Avian influenza has been found in dairy farms in Michigan Idahowhich indicates that the virus is spreading to new US states.

The National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed the presence of bird flu in a Michigan herd that recently received cattle from Texas, the United States Department of Agriculture. he said on Friday. In a joint statement with the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the USDA also said test results have been found in New Mexico, Idaho, and Texas.

As with previous cases, the HIV virus found in Michigan appears to have been introduced by wild birds and transmission among cattle is unlikely, the USDA said. Early tests did not find any changes in the virus that would make it more contagious, and there are continuing concerns about the safety of commercial milk.

There are concerns that the flu may have already spread across the border. Florian Krammer, professor in the Department of Microbiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, he said on X that it is bird flu that is now being reported in several states of the US “he was not surprised if cattle have the disease in Europe.”

On March 27, Mexico’s National Service of Health, Safety and Agricultural Food Quality, known as Senasica, identified AH5N2 bird flu at a farm in the state of Michoacan. words from the Ministry of Agriculture.

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