AT&T resets millions of customers’ passcodes after account info was leaked on the dark web


The cost of AT&T it says 7.6 million current customers were affected by the latest leak in which private data was released on the dark web, along with 65.4 million existing accounts. Results TechCrunch First reported on Saturday morning that the company had reset the passcodes for all affected accounts, and AT&T confirmed the move in an update published on its website. help page. The data, which AT&T says “appears to be from 2019 or earlier,” includes names, home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security numbers, according to Results TechCrunch.

Results TechCrunch said it alerted AT&T about the potential of the downloaded content to be used to log into customer accounts on Monday, after a security researcher discovered the documents included easy-to-decipher passcodes. AT&T said today it has “launched a robust investigation supported by internal and external cybersecurity experts.” The content appeared on the dark web about two weeks ago, according to AT&T.

It comes three years after a hacker known as ShinyHunters claimed in 2021 that they had accessed the accounts of 73 million AT&T customers. AT&T at the time said Sleep Computer that it was not breached and that examples of content shared online “appeared not to be from our systems.” The company now says that it is “still unclear whether the content of the shares came from AT&T or one of the vendors.” Currently, it “has no evidence of unauthorized access to its systems resulting in the deletion of data.”

AT&T says it will reach out to all current and former account holders affected by the leak. The company also said it would offer credit monitoring to those customers “if appropriate.”

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