An OLED iPad Pro and the first big-screen iPad Air will reportedly arrive in May

Apple will finally introduce new iPads in early May, According to Bloombergand Mark Gurman. Expected are the new iPad Pro with an OLED display and the faster iPad Air, including a 12.9-inch model for the first time in the series. The details of the upcoming iPad models have been constant, swirling in rumors since last year.

The new iPad Pro models are said to add OLED displays (providing deep blacks and rich colors) is running on the new M3 device, already available in several Macs. The new tablets are said to be launched alongside the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Apart from choosing a white color, the latter has not changed since arriving four years ago.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air is expected to run a new processor. Bloomberg didn’t say what it was, but – assuming the current version uses M1, and Apple probably wants to save the M3 for the more expensive Pro – the M2 sounds like a safe bet. The 12.9-inch screen option will be the first time the iPad Air lineup offers a display larger than 10.9 inches. Although Apple will charge more for the model than its expected sibling, that would be the cheapest way to get a high-end iPad screen.

Gurman said earlier this month that the new tablets will be launched along with M3 MacBook Airbut The laptop arrived without any iPads in the Now it is said that Apple’s release schedule has been pushed back to finish using the software and eliminate the “new production processes” they need.

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