An Apple AirTag four-pack is back down to $80 right now

Apple’s AirTag it is the top choice for iPhone owners in ours Bluetooth tracker buying guide, unsurprisingly, and right now the four-pack of mini-tools is back on sale for $80. We’ve seen this discount a few times since the holiday season, but a bunch have gone on sale for a few bucks in the past few weeks, so now is the perfect time to take advantage. This deal is just a few dollars off the lowest price we’ve seen, but it’s still $19 cheaper than buying from Apple directly. As long as you want to keep more things, it is cheaper than buying less One AirTags, since these are priced at $24 each. These are available from several retailers, including Amazon, Objectives and Walmart.

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This discount takes $19 off Apple’s list price and comes within $5 of the best deals we’ve tracked.

$80 at Amazon

We’re highlighting AirTag in our guide because it can use Apple’s main devices to find things. If you wear a bag with an AirTag, for example, nearby Apple devices can anonymously alert Apple. Find My Network When the bag is close, the Find My app will tell you the location. Because there is more than two billion With iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple devices running in the wild, the chances of finding something are often better here than with other trackers that use smaller public access networks.

When you’re close to a lost object, AirTag uses ultrawideband (UWB) wireless technology to communicate with other objects. to guide you exactly on the right side, showing the arrow and estimating the distance when you are close. The tracker has IP67 rating, so it can survive a few dips underwater, and it’s one of the few Apple devices with an easily replaceable battery. Personally, Apple he says The battery is designed to last “more than a year” before needing replacement.

The main disadvantage that AirTag has compared to competitors like Tile is that it is only available in one form factor. Its coin-shaped design is easy to remove but does not come with a locking hole or adhesive. If you want to link to a product, you have to pay a a different addition.

It is also worth noting that AirTags are not designed to be found stolen things. They can help you, but if your AirTag is found traveling with someone else, that person will accept the warning I tell them so. This is designed to prevent those who would use AirTags for hacking, which has been unfortunate results about the power of the device. That said, all of them apple and Google it has released changes to continue fighting bad actors. As an additional protection against losing your belongings, AirTag works well, and this collaboration makes it possible. There should be no worries about the new version coming soon, either, if a Bloomberg report earlier this year he said the second generation device is not expected until 2025.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, at this point, we’ll see that it has a four-pack Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 it’s also on sale for the lowest price of $70. This is another option in our buying guide: It’s not as accurate as AirTag and only works with Samsung phones, but it’s easy to set up, has a built-in clip and works just as well if you’re a Galaxy user.

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