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Sarah Haines has been working on daytime TV for over ten years. After beginning his career behind the scenes at NBC Today, later he became a flight attendant. After four years with the show, he moved on Good Morning America and later became a regular host of Views in 2016. After a brief departure back to GMA, he rejoined as a full-time assistant in 2020.

Close to him all the time Views was her husband, Max Shifrin. Sara and Max have been together for almost 10 years. Sara explained how she was forced to have children after getting married in another state. Behind the Table podcast in March 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about Max and his marriage to the daytime talk show host.

Sara and Max smile at the 2015 event. (Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock)

How did Sara and Max meet?

Like many relationships in the 21st Century, Sara and Max met online! The reporter revealed that the two met on OkCupid sometime in January 2023 Views. He said he went out the same day they met. “I was actively looking for older men,” he said, via Almost every Sunday. “That’s the only thing that attracted me.”

Max revealed more about their first date in an interview with 2018 Yahoo Life. He also revealed that he didn’t know he was on TV. “I went to shake his hand, the gentleman that I am, and he went to hug me aggressively,” he said.

Max is a lawyer

Max has been working at BakerHostetler since 2014. He was hired as an assistant, and will be with him on the case in 2021, according to him. LinkedIn history. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2010, after attending the University of Connecticut from 2001 to 2005.

They got married in 2014

After two years together, Sara and Max got engaged. He shared the story of his aforementioned thoughts Yahoo Life interview. “I didn’t have a big plan, I didn’t have a big production,” he said. “So I got up, crawled out of bed in my pajamas and knelt down next to the bed. And he proposed awkwardly and without any charm.” The couple got married in November 2014.

He has three children

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Max and Sara are blessed with three beautiful children. The couple has two boys, Caleb Joseph, 4, i Alec Richard, 7 is a daughter, Sandra Grace, 5. Sara has revealed that she wants more children, but doesn’t plan on having any anytime soon. “I would like 10 more!!!! But 3 is all I can do and be my best version for each of them,” he said in response to a fan asking about more children in February 2021. People.

Max is five years younger than Sara, and he explained that he was ready to have children when he married an older man in a conversation with her. Views manufacturer Brian Tetta on his own Behind the Table podcast in March 2024. “I always wanted babies. The sad thing is that women have a natural internal clock. I was worried that the eggs were crushed because I was so big,” he said People. But I said, ‘If we know we want to be together and we both want to have children, I don’t have any finally for my part, let’s go.

In that interview, Sara said that since she got married at the age of 37, her parents encouraged her to have children. “I went from ‘If I got pregnant it was a school special or an April Fool’s joke’ to ‘Please have babies!’ ‘But mom, I’m single,'” she laughed. “So the pressure was so great that we didn’t even get married before my parents said, ‘Have a baby! have a baby!'”

Max Surprises Sara On ‘The View’

When Sarah celebrated her 46th birthday Views on September 18, 2023, Max and the kids made a surprise appearance to give Sara a cake. She hugged her younger siblings and introduced them, before talking to her husband. “Oh, it’s my husband, who also played a very important role in creating these children,” she said, before moving in with her children.

Max shared the video and expressed his appreciation for his wife’s hard work Views. “A powerful reminder of the tiresome work that goes on behind the scenes to make this show possible. We’ll sleep later,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Sara Doesn’t Always Wear a Wedding Ring

I am Sara being on TV every day, some fans see her clothes and accessories all the time, and some of her fans are worried that she and Max might have a relationship problem when she didn’t wear her wedding ring on some shows. , at The sun.

After some thought, Sara revealed that she sometimes takes her ring off for a while in an Instagram story. “At first, I took it off because I had a rash. It is called a wedding ring bribe. Then it was heard [and] then I put my ring back on. I got a rash again, and [I] I felt that nature was telling me something, so I got a divorce,” he said with a laugh The sun. “I’m just chatting.”


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