Activision is reportedly looking into the malware stealing its users’ login credentials

Taking action says it is investigating a phishing campaign that is stealing the user IDs of people who play its games. According to Results TechCrunch, criminals have been successfully installing malware on victims’ computers and taking advantage of it to steal logins to their game accounts and crypto wallets. The game publisher appears to be helping victims remove the malware and regain control of their accounts, but it doesn’t have enough information right now to say how widespread the malware is.

TechCrunch images the source said the malware “may only affect people with third-party hardware,” meaning people download it from apps not made by Activision that are used with its games. Activision spokeswoman Delaney Simmons told the publication that the company is aware of “allegations that players’ personal information across multiple companies may have been compromised by malware through the download or use of unauthorized software.” He added that the company’s servers “remain secure and stable.”

That makes sense, as the hacking scheme appears to have been uncovered by a hacker known as Zeebler. Call of Duty. Zeebler said Results TechCrunch that he found a campaign where one of his clients had his software account hacked. After a closer look, they say they found a database that contained information about the theft. He said the malware is disguised to look like real software, but is designed to steal usernames and passwords. Zeebler talks about third-party tools like phishing software designed to harvest people’s logins, but phishing techniques they use Official Activision designs are available, too. The bottom line is, people should be careful what they download and always double check that the login page they are signing up for is genuine.

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