A Quick Guide to Luna Snow, the Marvel Heroine You’ve Never Heard Of


Yesterday, Marvel revealed it other upcoming video games: Marvel Rivalsa massively multiplayer online shooter inspired by the likes of Overwatch and Appreciation. But among his gang – X-Men Storm and Magneto, Guardians of the Galaxy members Star-Lord and Rocket, and, of course, more than a few assembled Avengers – one number stood out to many. But they are not as well known as you might think.

Who Is Luna Snow?

Real name Seol Hee, she is a South Korean pop idol-working in a group under the name Luna-who turned into a man after a concert she did at Stark Industries with the help of the stadium. After being captured by AIM and trapped inside a malfunctioning fusion machine, Luna discovers that she is given cryokinetic abilities by her broken cage, using them to defeat AIM and free herself and the other hostages. Now adopting the “Snow” from her idol’s name to become a part-time superhero and K-Pop star, Luna has entered the world of Marvel’s superheroes, working with the revamped Agents of Atlas team while managing her own touring duties. .

He is not a new character

Many people were impressed by Luna’s appearance Opponents-mostly well-known from the comics or promoted by their presence in the MCU-maybe think that he is the new creator of the game. But Luna has been around for six years…and she was made for a game, not this one.

Luna was designed as an original character for mobile games Marvel Future Fight in 2018, due to the desire of the Korean developer Netmarble to add a unique hero from the ice to its list and bring a new home hero. Luna was given a big push, not only Future War, but it is a series of music videos promoting his music as an idol. In the years since he has grown beyond his looks Future War, especially in other sports; before confirmation Opponentshe actually appeared a year later in another Netease Marvel game, the 2019 MOBA Marvel Super War.

Picture: Marvel Comics

He’s been in the comics, too

It’s not just a game. After his appearance Future War, Netmarble handed Luna over to Greg Pak and Gang Hyuk Lim to bring her the next iteration of the Agents of Atlas franchise. Originally a group made up of characters from the past when Marvel was still Atlas Comics in the 1950s (hence the name), in 2019 the publisher relaunched the group as a way to unite several Asian and Asian-heritage heroes into one group, including Luna.

Created by Jimmy Woo – placing Luna alongside Shang-Chi, Silk, Sword Master, and many others – the group first appeared during the World War list of events; Luna got her own comedies and became a regular in the show Agents of Atlas continues in 2019. After the finale, Luna was only shown briefly Silk and other event titles, as well as anthologies such as Asia Special Month and Pacific Islander Heritage Marvel Voices: Identity.

Luna Power, Explanation

Well, that’s who he is and, but what do they do? Luna la Luna was a resource that was created to help her Future War-Netmarble wanted to create a character with ice powers, but also wanted him to deal damage and support allies with healing powers. This leads to cryokinesis being a little different from other ice heroes like Bobby Drake: Luna creates and controls two types of ice. Dark ice forms her offensive and defensive powers, while light ice has restorative properties that heal and support Luna and her allies.

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