3 Ways to Spot if Battery Health on Your iPhone Is Fake or Real


Does your iPhone not last long enough to last all day? Its Li-ion battery may have worn out over time and needs to be replaced. Or if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone, it’s a good idea to check the health of the battery. In this article, we will help you check the actual battery health of your iPhone.

How to Monitor iPhone Battery Health

All rechargeable batteries are disposable and have a limited life. Eventually, their power and performance decrease, so they must be replaced to ensure that your iPhone runs at its best.

Step 1 – Check Parts and Service History

In the case of a refurbished or second-hand iPhone, the first thing you should check to make sure the battery is real or fake is the “Parts and Service History.” This helps to determine if the iPhone battery has been replaced and if it is genuine.

1. Launch your iPhone’s “Settings” app and go to “General Favorites.”

2. Under General Settings, click “About.”

3. Look for the position under “Sections and history of the Service“:

  • The real part of Apple – If the replacement is completed using genuine Apple tools and procedures, a “Genuine Apple Part” will appear next to the Battery.
  • Unknown Region – If a local or illegal region is used, “Unknown Region” will appear next to it.
  • Missing Part – If the iPhone is not configured, this section will not appear.

Method 2 – Check the Battery Capacity

The usual way to check your iPhone’s battery level is to go through the “Battery Health & Charging” menu. However, some inconsistencies have been observed, as battery health statistics often change with software updates. As with any software, your iPhone’s battery is also replaced.

In order to avoid this confusion, it is necessary to double-check the maximum battery capacity of your iPhone as follows:

1. It’s just an installation Apple Support Program from the App Store on your iPhone.

2. Allow the app to detect your location to help provide services based on your location.

3. Select your iPhone under “Mrs Device” section.

4. This will provide support related to your iPhone. Click “More information” and go to “Battery Soul” from the list of options.

5. Click on the blue “See Now” button.

6. This will show the current battery level.

In Asian countries like India and China, local mobile phone shops can pass Apple’s genuine check and battery capacity under medical devices. Therefore, you must perform an additional check, as described below.

Step 3 – Check the Battery Circuit

Battery life is important to get a good idea of ​​your iPhone’s battery health. However, it does not have detailed information about the battery, such as the number of milli-amps, battery capacity, etc., to help you choose a replacement.

On the iPhone 15 Series

With iOS 17.4 and later, iPhone 15 series users can see the battery level, build, and date of first use under the battery menu as follows.

1. Go to your iPhone’s “Settings” app and go to “Battery.”

2. Under Battery Settings, click “Battery Health.”

3. Check Battery stats to find out battery health, cycle time, make, and date of first use.

Image Credit: Apple

For iPhone 14 or Earlier Models

For iPhone 14 or earlier models, where the battery level is not directly visible, you can use a shortcut to clear the battery level and other details of your iPhone. Follow the steps outlined above to do this:

1. Add a Shortcut for Battery Statistics on your iPhone by clicking “Add it A shortcut” button.

2. Go to your iPhone’s settings and go to “Privacy & Security.”

3. Scroll down and go to “Analytics & Change.”

4. Enable the “Share Analytics for iPhone & Watch.”

5. Click on “Analytics Data” and open the latest Analytics files.

6. Click on “Share it” button at the top right, and select “Battery Statistics” from the sharing section.

You will see the number of completed lines and the actual battery power of your iPhone.

According to Apple, your iPhone battery can retain up to 80% of its maximum capacity under ideal conditions after 500 cycles. At this time, they recommend replacing the battery. You can verify the health of the battery by calculating using last batteries.


Q. How do I view Battery Health on iPhone?

On iPhone 15 and later models, go to “Battery” under settings and check the battery health and cycle rate. On iPhone 14 and earlier, use shortcuts like PowerUtil or BatteryStats to see your iPhone’s actual battery life. Apple claims that, in fact, your iPhone can retain up to 80% of its maximum battery capacity after 500 cycles, after which you will need to replace the battery.

Q. How Can I Tell If My iPhone Battery Is Original?

To know if the battery inside your iPhone is original or fake, go to Settings > General > About and check the status of “Parts and Service History”:

  • The real part of Apple – It means your iPhone battery has been replaced with a genuine Apple part and procedure.
  • Unknown Region – It means that your iPhone battery has been replaced with a local or illegal part.
  • Missing Part – If the iPhone is not configured, this section will not appear.


Apple recommends replacing your iPhone’s battery if it’s at 80% or below; with the methods mentioned above, you can ensure the health of your iPhone battery. Apple responded to the many reports of low battery life on the iPhone 14 models by adding more battery information for the iPhone 15 models. It would have been nice if the new battery figures were also available on the iPhone 14. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more information.

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