20 Favorite Secrets From 10 Things I Hate About You

There was a short story about 11 Things I Hate About You follow, but the same follow is called 10 Things I Hate About Life started in 2012 Evan Rachel Wood and Thomas McDonnell like two kindred spirits who meet when they’re both in the middle of trying to kill themselves—and it doesn’t work out.

But director Gil Junger, rebooting with producer Andrew Lazar, hit the ground running. “We were open, we wanted to get new young people,” Lanz he told Vumanity“but it just so happened, when we started to meet the girls, Evan Rachel Wood-like Julia Stiles did-she just outshone all the other actors in terms of talent, depth and sensitivity, that we settled on her.”

After six screen tests to match Wood with the right person, “we ended up with a wonderful person.” Lazar called the chemistry between McDonnell and Wood “electric.” They were too Skylar Gray in Letters to Cleo role as presence of good music.

Production, however, was halted in February 2013 when the CEO of Intandem, the UK company behind the film, he came down.

Also at the time, Wood was pregnant with her son, who was born in July; Intandem’s new CEO he said her production was delayed due to her pregnancy but resumed in September. In fact, in June 2014, 10 Things Movies arrested Wood for breach of contract and $30 million, saying that he was paid $300,000 and then “apparently changed his mind about wanting to finish the film during the filming of the main pictures, finally he refused without legal reasons to fulfill the agreement and instead chose to leave the project.”

Wood’s representative called it “nonsense,” saying Wood was ready to resume work in November 2013, when producers promised they would be ready, but “were unable to coordinate.”

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