What Kyle Richards Needs From Mauricio Umansky for Marriage to Survive

In fact, she believes Mauricio’s obsession with his work is actually the root of their problems.

“I’d see him on these phone calls saying, ‘We’re worried about The Agency,’ or this happened or that happened—it’s like his child,” the mother of four explained. “And whatever was going on he’d do everything he could, all his energy to fix that. So I’m like, ‘If we’re having an issue, why can’t you give that energy that you give to the company?'”

In a confessional, she revealed that, if the dynamic doesn’t change, they may not be able to salvage their relationship.

“I’ve supported him through everything since day one when he had nothing,” Kyle noted with tears in her eyes. “And when I told him that we were in trouble, I need you to work through this with me. I needed to feel like I was a priority and that we were a priority. If there’s no effort made or put into us, we’re not gonna end up together. We’ll never survive this.”

See the drama play out when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

And keep reading to see Kyle and Mauricio’s family together in happier times.

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