What are the implications of Israel’s reported use of AI in Gaza war? | Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel is reportedly using artificial intelligence technology to select and expand potential targets.

Israel’s war has devastated much of Gaza.

The few days of calm under a temporary ceasefire with Hamas have all but disappeared now, with Israel resuming its air strikes and shelling.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly warned that he wants to eliminate Hamas.

And now, the Israeli army is reportedly using new artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help it expand its potential list of targets.

So, what are the implications for civilians in Gaza? And could it lead to even more deaths?

Presenter: Jonah Hull


Meron Rapoport – Editor at Local Call and investigative journalist

Robert Geist Pinfold – Lecturer in Peace and Security at Durham University in the UK

Jessica Dorsey – Assistant professor in International and European Law at Utrecht University

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