Tony Hawk Shares First Look of Son Riley’s Wedding to Frances Cobain

Smells like teen fatherly spirit. 

Tony Hawk dropped in to social media to give his son Riley Hawk some birthday love this year, and in doing so, gave followers a first look at Riley’s recent wedding to Frances Bean Cobain—the daughter of Courtney Love and Nirvana‘s late frontman Kurt Cobain

“Happy 31st to this wonderful, talented young man,” Tony captioned his Dec. 6 post, which featured an image of Riley and Frances at their wedding. “I am thankful he found the love of his life and a healthy, disciplined approach to adulthood. And that he is inspiring his younger siblings by example.”

He added, “We had a blast at the wedding and we love you Riley! (Frances please show this to him since he’s no longer in the Insta bubble).”

And in the image from the nuptials—which took place in Los Angeles in early October—Riley and Frances are seen sitting at a table, with Riley placing his arm around his now-wife. The 31-year-old wore a simple black collared shirt, buttoned to the top, while Frances donned a gorgeous beaded gown with lace cap sleeves for her big day. 

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