Jacky Oh’s Partner DC Young Fly Shares Their Kids’ Moving Message

Unfortunately, Jacky—real name Jacklyn Smith—isn’t the only person in DC Young Fly’s life who has tragically died in recent months. He also lost his cousin in August 2022 and his sister in October. 

“I’ve been through so much loss where it’s like emotionally, like, I’m numb to death, because I’m used to it since [I was] 16,” he told host Tamron Hall. “Every death is a different reaction. So, with my cousin, I was angry. When my father died, I was at peace. When my best friend died, I was confused. Now, when my girl died, I’m shocked.”

As he raises their kids on his own, DC Young Fly is emphasizing the importance of gratitude and giving back—even during difficult times.

“I try to not buy them anything; I buy them nothing for Christmas,” he recently told Entertainment Tonight. “We only watch people be happy. It’s this time of the year we want to be happy for others, so I try to instill in them to show them, ‘Look, at a time where everybody else is wanting something, you gone be trying to reach out here to be happy for others.'”

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