Dax retreats from record high as European stocks edge lower

Chinese battery group Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd on Thursday criticised claims its products posed security risks, following a reported move by utility firm Duke Energy to disconnect its batteries from a US Marine Corps base.

Republican lawmakers led by Senator Marco Rubio raised concerns about the Chinese company’s links to the Communist party over the weekend.

“CATL’s business and products in the US do not collect, sell, or share data in any way,” the company said in an emailed statement. “Our products have passed rigorous safety and security reviews including those by US authorities and businesses.”

The energy storage products CATL sells to the US are not equipped with communication interfaces that enable the company to control them, it added.

Duke Energy on Wednesday said it had disconnected large-scale batteries produced by CATL from North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, Reuters reported.

Duke Energy on Wednesday told Reuters it had disconnected the batteries while it worked to resolve “some concerns about [the] project”.

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