The Best of OpenAI’s New GPTs, Ranked

Screenshot: ChatGPT

If you don’t have time for the 3 hour Huberman Lab podcasts, fear no more. Ask Dr. Huberman, the GPT version of the cold-plunge-promoting neurobiology professor with a popular health podcast, who is trained on every episode of Huberman Lab. Simply ask it questions specific to your health concerns, and you’ll get great concise answers.

I prompted the Huberman GPT: “I want to gain muscle but I only have 45 minutes a day to work. Is this possible?”

I was returned with concise clear answers and instructions for getting the most out of 45 minute muscle building workouts, packed with info from the podcast. I even asked the GPT to design me a workout plan for maximum gain with minimal effort, and it designed a pretty great workout plan that’s also quite doable. You can use this chatbot for a myriad of questions, such as getting answers about sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more.

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