Loungefly Celebrates 25 Years in Fandom This Holiday Season

Image: Loungefly

The world of fandom has not been the same since Loungefly took the pop culture product world by storm with its signature mini-backpacks.

Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without spotting someone carrying Loungefly’s mainstay item, a bag that’s given fans fashionable ways to express their love for franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. The geek chic company led by nerdy folks like Loungefly execs Liz DeSilva and Derrick Baca continues to grow under the influences of nostalgic and modern pop culture trends. Originally started back in 1998, Loungefly has since become a beloved name in fandom fashion with products available at a multitude of retailers like BoxLunch, Hot Topic, and Disney Parks. It started with jewelry, but the brand soon expanded its offerings—including those signature bags—in the early 2000s; now, Loungefly also has a clothing line and even pet accessories.

The innovative designs this holiday kick off the season of giving, including an io9-exclusive first look at the Loungefly 25th anniversary collection. Scroll through the gallery for a preview of the line dropping in December, along with a selection of the growing collection of fandom fashion—from mini backpacks inspired by the likes of Marvel’s latest, to festive Disney hoodies, to dog harnesses of glorious purpose.

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