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It’s still kind of wild to us that last year brought a new Predator movie, and a good one at that. After decades of the franchise flopping around unable to figure out what it wanted to be, director Dan Trachtenberg stepped up to the plate with Prey, a standalone prequel that gave us the kind of emotion and thrills the franchise so desperately needed.

At the center of Prey was, of course, Naru, played by Amber Midthunder, a Comanche Native American who found herself the target of an unstoppable killer alien. That alien has come to be known as the Feral Predator and even though Prey is available to stream on Hulu or watch on 4K Blu-ray, it’s still hard to pause and truly appreciate just how awesome, in every sense of the word, the character is.

Enter Hot Toys. The high-end collectible company has created an amazing version of the Feral Predator that’s now available for pre-order, and it offers us the best look yet at the painstaking detail that went into the creature design. The film can be streamed here, the figure can be pre-ordered here ($400 because you were wondering), and you can see more action shots and close-ups in the slideshow.

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