Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Free for a Limited Time on Apple TV+

Image: Apple TV+

Here’s some good news if Thanksgiving doesn’t feel right without spending quality time with Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, will stream free on Apple TV+ this weekend, following the streamer’s tradition of making vintage Peanuts specials available to non-subscribers for a limited time.

If you have an Apple TV+ account, of course, you can invite yourself over to ol’ Chuck’s house (like Peppermint Patty does) any time. But if you don’t, make sure to catch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 18, or Sunday, November 19; the link is here. Just don’t think too hard about the part where Snoopy’s feathered friend Woodstock chows down on turkey dinner. (And as long as you’re marking Peanuts-related streaming in your holiday calendar, A Charlie Brown Christmas has its free streaming window from Saturday, December 16 through Sunday, December 17.)

Apple TV+, whose other Peanuts-centric programming includes The Snoopy Show, a contemporary series, as well a selection of vintage shorts categorized as “The Peanuts Classics,” also recently announced a feature film in the works, the first collaboration between Apple TV+, Peanuts Worldwide, and WildBrain Studios. According to a press release, the as-yet-untitled film will begin production this year and “will see the Peanuts gang go on an epic adventure to the Big City, learning the true meaning of friendship, while meeting some surprising new friends along the way.”

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